Well, it certainly has been an up and down sort of time lately. Anyone that is close to me knows that my daughter is expecting a baby in March. She initially decided that adoption would be the best thing for the baby as she did not feel she was able to take care of her. My husband and I offered to take the child and she was considering this option when a beautiful couple expressed interest in the baby. I have known the girl in this couple for many years and after much praying felt at peace with the baby going to this couple as they are unable to have children of their own.

Being adopted myself, I was unsure how I would feel about my grandchild being given away to someone else (although they are local and are willing to keep in contact with us), but God is faithful and has given me peace about the situation. Bless you A and R, you know who you are. 

While I am sad that I will not have a front row seat to watch my grandchild grow up and be a regular part of her life, knowing that she is going to a home where she will be loved and nurtured and that her heritage in the faith will be cultivated makes me at peace. 


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