Crazy week

Well, a lot happened last week some good, some bad, most I cannot share publicly. Work was crazy busy all week, especially since we have been so short staffed although we are managing. Found out first that our department is going to be lumped with another department’s new supervisor, that sure was a surprise. It would have been nice if we would have been notified rather than finding out from the job description.

After finding out this news, I am informed that the lovely little sewing store that I was working for, suddenly closed without notice. I am not really surprised but still taken off guard to actually hear the news. Too bad to, as I am still owed for work done which I will probably never recoup. Oh well, lesson learned.

Later on that day, my daughter tells me that she is keeping her baby rather than give it up for adoption. I greeted this news with a hesitant heart, glad that I will be a regular part of the baby’s life, yet heartbroken for the potential adoptive parents. I only want what is best for the child and I am at peace no matter how this ends.

In other news, we could be getting the keys to our new house this week which makes us excited for the potential to be in by Christmas time. I am not holding my breath but remaining hopeful.

Class is winding down and finals are this week, while I am glad for the experiences school allows me, I am glad it is over for the time being. Only one more term and I will be able to graduate! Excited about this prospect and I am anxiously awaiting what doors might open after I have my degree.

Enough rambling tonight, back again later on in the week.



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