Devastated. Shocked. Overwhelming grief. Just a few of the things that have been floating across my emotional sea the past couple of days. All of the news feeds, pictures, poems, prayers, and now the names. Faces and names to innocent lives lost due to a senseless act of someone deeply troubled and unable to cope with life. Guns are not to blame, video games are not to blame, bad upbringing is not to blame. Our country allowing the voices of the minority to usurp the will of the majority and we as the praying people stood back and let it happen. It is time to take back our country with prayer, on our knees, humbled before an Almighty God. We as a nation need to repent and pray ourselves before hurling accusations at this group or that group. Our selfishness as a country has allowed us to ignore those that need our help like the parents of these that would commit these acts of unrivaled violence. 

My heart aches for all of those family members that will never have  that loved one come home ever again and my own children will be hugged a little tighter and longer. I will strive to let those that are in my life that mean something to me how I feel, even if it is embarrassing to them. 

God help us all.


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