First off, I want to applaud the many wonderful teachers, administrators and others who work in our public school systems. However my level of frustration at the current school where my first grader attends is rising now above the boiling point. Starting in kindergarten, the teacher was telling me I should be “concerned” about his academic progress. No reason why, just that if he were her child she would be concerned, no advice as to what to do, what steps to take, etc.

Fast forward to first grade, some concerns raised about his reading at the fall conference, we need to read with him more at home and make sure he is practicing his sight words, which we had been doing all along. It was insinuated that he wasn’t being put to bed on time and he was not being fed a proper breakfast and we were not working with him on a daily basis. Again, NO specific reason as to why we should be concerned or what they felt was wrong just that he is struggling with reading (what first grader doesn’t?). 

Now, after Christmas break I get a phone call from his current teacher saying I need to take him to the doctor and get him tested. For what?  I ask, no answer given, just that I need to get him tested. He is having trouble reading although he knows all of the sight words he needs to know at this point and he is still working on pronouncing the words correctly they want him to be able to understand what he is reading. I cannot even begin to vent my irritation at the whole system that wants me to schedule a doctor’s appointment and won’t give me a reason why I need to have him go. 

Where do you draw the line at normal 6 year old boy learning issues and a real serious developmental delay? I sincerely feel that it is a way for the school to get extra money because they will have another kid on an IEP that does not need to be on one. Ugh.


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