Wow. It has been over a month since I posted. I guess I am not very good at this blog things but I promise to try and make it up to you, my readers albeit the few.

Life has been busy around here. We finally were able to get into our new house after the old owners stayed 21 days past their contract date to be out. When we got the keys, the house was a pigsty and it took us awhile to get it cleaned and at least somewhat habitable. We are still in the process of settling in and there is much to do outside when the weather is warmer and more hospitable.

Some of you know about my daughter who is pregnant with my second grandchild, a little girl, and she is due March 16th. This has not been an easy road for her and some decisions that she has made are not very popular with some members of the family.  She is really not in a position to be a mother right now and after this, she may never have another child. Throughout this time I have tried to be as supportive as I can with everything that she is going through and after everything she has told me that she has decided to give the baby up for adoption. This decision was not an easy nor was it a quick one either. Her feelings are in disarray most of the time because of the hormones but I think deep down she feels that this is the best thing for her baby. Initially, my husband and I offered to take it and she was leaning heavily in that direction. Then, her sister (my older daughter) had her talk to a lovely couple who we knew several years ago that had been looking into adoption to start their own family. That couple has been down a lengthy painful road while trying to conceive and had started the process with several birth mothers only to have their hearts broken in the end. True to form, my daughter has done some waffling back and forth due mostly to the pregnancy hormones, but she has firmly decided at this point that adoption is the best route to take. I cannot say that I am entirely pleased with this decision as she is my granddaughter BUT (and that is a big BUT), I believe that for the first time in a long time that my daughter is making that decision with the baby’s best interests at heart. She is not only bringing joy and happiness to someone else but she is doing it entirely for unselfish reasons. For that…..I am bursting with pride. I love you daughter of mine!


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