I am the product of an unplanned pregnancy. I was extremely blessed to have grown up knowing love and unconditional acceptance. There are some who this is not the case and are forever searching for meaning and their “real” parents. Birth parents from my era never imagined that they would be searched out and found. Some are happy, some are not. I unlike many others, have no desire to disrupt either my life or theirs. They had their reasons for being unable to be parents at the the age of 19, I neither need or want to know at this point. My parents live in Tipp City, Ohio and I am forever their child.

Some of you know that I recently became a grandmother again, my daughter did not feel that she was capable of giving her daughter the the life that she deserved. My granddaughter was lovingly placed with an adoptive family who are more than willing to share her life with us and for that, I am extremely grateful. We are only beginning to know the adoptive parents (although Mom was familiar to us, just not very well to me) and what has come through are some wonderful, open people who we are blessed to have in our lives. God has given me and many others peace about the adoption and we fully support the decision that has been made.

Some in certain circles have attempted to cause trouble and problems by involving those that need not have any involvement. They have even gone so far as to try to involve certain organizations that have no business being involved in our personal family business. So, to that end, they have been cut off from my life and probably soon from others that I love as well. Actions will sometimes have the opposite effect of what one intends and unfortunately the hurt and outcomes from this whole situation is going to come full circle. 

I am sure that somehow I will be blamed, accused, and colorful names for me will be thrown around. Just know that I am forgiven and I do not live in the past. I am the only one responsible for me and I will let God be the final judge of my actions. 


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