Missing Tony

This week has been somewhat difficult, what with two major projects due next week for school, the hubby gone, as well as hormones raging (or not as sometimes the case may be). Thankfully he will only be gone for a week this time.I have come to realize in the short time of being married again how much I really lean on my husband. Although we have been together for the better part of 7 years, our marriage has been short as we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Being in this relationship has taught me many things. First that there really CAN be a partnership in life with your spouse, that you CAN rely on someone to be there and not because there is something in it for them. Second, that you can actually get to a point where the mistrust from the first relationship is slowly being replaced by the ability to lean on someone and know that they truly want what is best for the family not what is just best for them. Selfless devotion and love is being shown on a daily basis. I sometimes wake up with an ache that I have never experienced because i miss him and truly love to spend time with him. God knew that he was the one for me and I am blessed every day that I call him  husband and partner. I love you Tony.


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