Food, the last accepted addiction

Trying again with another lifestyle change. Food is necessary and for most of us, it is a pleasurable part of our lives. For some, such as me, it consumes the better part of my thinking every day. After breakfast, I immediately think about what I am going to have for lunch and then dinner. Most normal people won’t understand this and don’t give their next meal (or snack) another thought until the time comes for that meal. There may be some who think, “Wow, I thought I was the only one who was like that!” referring to the almost obsessive thinking about food. I love food, however the sway that it holds over me is something that I battle every day and I hope over the next period in my life that I can learn to control it a bit better and make some permanent changes in my eating and exercising habits. 

Emotional eating, bored eating, call it what you will but I have started to be very aware of my state of mind when I am looking in the cupboard or refrigerator lately and I don’t really like what I am seeing in myself. I eat when I am happy, I really eat when I am sad or upset, emotions seem to drive my over indulgences more than anything else. I guess realizing that emotions are my trigger is the first step in being able to control the problem. 

Stay tuned, I hope to be more regular to update you all on my progress. Let me know how you struggle and what you do to combat those urges to eat unhealthy or overindulge. 


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